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Name Eveline Gretha Snel (Evelien)
OccupationSoftware-engineer, translator
Date October 1st, 2009

1972...1979Atheneum, OSG Walburg, Zwijndrecht
1979...1988Delft University of Technology, Electronics department (M. Sc.)

Dutch (native language), English (excellent), German (good), French (reasonable)

Period ActivitiesMethods & tools
2005...2009InTraffic is into maintenance and development of software for traffic and transportation. As a QA-officer I supported several teams in the use of the company Quality Assurance policies and I worked on the continuous improvement of the QA-system. As a 3rd-tier support engineer I tracked down software bugs and developed changes on several applications. I was also responsible for the intake of new products by the support team.Pascal, SQL, C++, Excel, PHP, Perl
2000...presentElektor is a monthly magazine for electronics enthousiasts. My activities as a translator include translating articles and manuals from English and German into Dutch. Every month my contributions are published in the Dutch edition of Elektor.Outlook, Microsoft Word
2001- 2005
At Philips Research and Philips Applied Technologies development work is being done on wafer scanners for ASML. I contributed to several generations of the wafer scanners as a software-engineer, project leader and Quality Officer.C, DSPs, Unix shell scripts, Matlab
1998...2000ECT is the mayor container terminal in the Rotterdam area. As configuration manager in the Project department I made tools and defined working protocols for all the software projects in the department and supported the teams in using these.Pascal, Excel, Unicenter AHD, TrueChange, Microsoft VSS
1990...1994At Van Rietschoten & Houwens BV I worked on the integrated Control and Management System for the M-Fregate project as specialist IVS infrastructure. My contributions was mainly in the lower layers of the system, like the communication between systems, co-ordination of the starting and stopping the applications in the systems and interfacing with the hardware.RTL-2, DCL, VME bus systems
1989...1990At Expograph BV in Breukelen I worked on maintenance, improvement and new features of R84 (an integrated system for newspaper editors)Pascal, VMS, IBM-PC
1988...1989At Multihouse in Gouda I participated on the development of the Audalet system, an integrated solution for insurance agents, which calculates the financial consequences of accidents involving death and injury.

2008Communications in Projects (Horizon)
2006Train Traffic Controller (ProRail)
2005C++ (Dirksen)
2003Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Philips CTT)
2002Mechatronics (Philips CFT)
2001Working in projects (Philips CTT)
2000Personal Software Process I & II (ICT)
1999Introduction ACMS/xp (ECT)
1999Using Unicenter TNG-AHD (Computer Associates)
1998Database design (ICT)
1998TCP/IP architecture & routing (ICT)
1996TCP/IP protocols (ICT)
1996Using Softcon (Mountside/Philips)
1996CODARTS (Philips CTT)
1994Software Process Improvement (ICT)
1994OO-Analysis and Design (ICT)
1992Yourdon system development (Ward&Mellor)
1990VAX/VMS Architecture (Digital)
1990Projectmanagement A (Cap Volmac)

Personal profile
Keywords: Open-hearted, enthusiastic, eager to learn, intelligent, quality-aware, customer-oriented, autonomous and creative. I have a broad interest and I am a quick learner. I feel most at home in a multidisciplinary environment with a flat organisational structure, that is open to ideas and initiatives.

Special interests
Making radio columnsWMBR, Cambridge, MA, USA. 49 episodes
Community theatre More than 20 Years of experience, played several main characters
Building web sites My own site:
Most recent:
Reading Fiction, non-fiction and technical books
Languages I love to learn and use foreign languages
Electronics Built my own first PC in 1977
Author/Translator As an author/translator I mainly translate technical articles from English and German into Dutch language. Usually these are descriptions of building electronic devices and background articles about varying subjects in electronics. Occasionally I also write my own articles. Each month my contributions are published in Elektor, a monthly magazine on electronics.

Last change:
Nov 24, 2009
1985-2009 E.G. Snel